A River of Stones

A River of Stones: One daily observation.

A Rainbow "Ball"

Late in the afternoon, a rainbow “ball” forms over the mountains.  Rainbows always make me feel hopeful.  The end of the month of July, hot summer’s breath.  The future promises promises a new day ahead!


Sunday Whirl #15 Weekly Wordle

Weekly Wordle

Artist’s Journey

New Images form

Sounds of chains rattle

And jangle in the hall

Fear pierces the vision

Voices whisper holy inspiration

Ideas splinter

And multiply like weeds

No fortress for protection

The train continues

Clickiety, clack

Clickiety, clack



Prompt #278: Standing Ovation

Sunday Scribblings

Standing Ovation

Is this it

What we’ve worked so hard for

Fifteen minutes of fame

The light go out

All is dark

The applause has stopped

And still I stand

Waiting for what

A little girl again

I wait for the white pararie dog

But he also waits

There is no way off the stage

Lost as the tiny quail baby

Lost from his mother

Now an old woman

I turn and look at the path

That brought me here

Remember the hard times

The applause starts again

I cover my ears

It is the standing ovation

Small prize for a lifetime

14 thoughts on “Sunday July 31, 2011 A River of Stones/ Sunday Whirl /Sunday Scribblings

  1. Is the applause hollow? I felt it may be…in the rainbow maybe we are all ages of ourselves..I think how it must have been for Judy Garland singing that song as she aged..how the prize in life is the one thing we can’t achieve (physically at least) – being young forever..the ‘ball’ of colour remains beautiful..Jae

    1. To tell the truth, I never know what I will write. Perhaps it reveals, or conceals.

      I think your are brilliant!

      I think that we actually have so much to do, and so little time to do it in. For so long, we have not idea what or how… I don’t know, as has been said before, youth is wasted on the young. By the time we begin to “get it”, it’s over.

      Thanks for your comments! xoxoxoxoxo Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

      annell@taosnet.com http://www.annelllivingston.com http://www.somethingsithinkabout-annell-annell.blogspot.com https://annellannell.wordpress.com

  2. Whew! What a display Annell. Your photos continue to amaze me. The rainbow is a promise. The wordle is as well. The creative process is always a bit splintering and jagged. The last piece is filled with pathos, like echoes of a standing ovation, only recalled because it is over so quickly. I applaud you, my friend,


  3. Standing Ovation and your comment touch me this morning. It’s all so beautiful…this one gifted life.

  4. Yes, the train continues. Clickity clack. We don’t know where the train will go. Only that it will continue…clickity clack. Nice wordle, Annell!

  5. Love that Standing Ovation…waiting for a white praire dog…life certainly feels like that at times…and yes a standing ovation would be nice…bkm

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