Sunday July 31, 2011 A River of Stones/ Sunday Whirl /Sunday Scribblings

A River of Stones

A River of Stones: One daily observation.

A Rainbow "Ball"

Late in the afternoon, a rainbow “ball” forms over the mountains.  Rainbows always make me feel hopeful.  The end of the month of July, hot summer’s breath.  The future promises promises a new day ahead!


Sunday Whirl #15 Weekly Wordle

Weekly Wordle

Artist’s Journey

New Images form

Sounds of chains rattle

And jangle in the hall

Fear pierces the vision

Voices whisper holy inspiration

Ideas splinter

And multiply like weeds

No fortress for protection

The train continues

Clickiety, clack

Clickiety, clack


Prompt #278: Standing Ovation

Sunday Scribblings

Standing Ovation

Is this it

What we’ve worked so hard for

Fifteen minutes of fame

The light go out

All is dark

The applause has stopped

And still I stand

Waiting for what

A little girl again

I wait for the white pararie dog

But he also waits

There is no way off the stage

Lost as the tiny quail baby

Lost from his mother

Now an old woman

I turn and look at the path

That brought me here

Remember the hard times

The applause starts again

I cover my ears

It is the standing ovation

Small prize for a lifetime