Saturday July 30, 2011A River of Stones / dVerse~Poets Pub / We Write Poems

River of Stones
Rain Clouds

River of Stones: One daily observation.

At last the long dreamed of rain came and quenched the thirst of the mesa.


dVerse~Poets Pub  prompt: Surf


He stands up on hind legs

And rushs forward

To break against the shore

Shatters our bones

Shiny white

Across sandy beaches

Among shells lost

And sometimes found

We run to meet him

But he surrounds us

Pushes us down

Beneath the waves

Shatters our bones

And retreats

Leaving us lonely

Alone to wander

The sandy beach

In time he returns

Threatens and roars

To break upon the

Sandy shore once more

He scatters our bones

To be bleached

Shiny white

Glowing in moonlight


We Write Poems prompt #65 Girl, Bed and Bear

Girl – Bed – Bear

Girl, Bed and Bear

You sit upon my bed

Smoking even though

I have asked you not

The day is late

You speak your piece

Is there room for

What I have to say

This room seems too small

The air is foul

The windows shut

I slide my soul across the floor

Trace the watermarks

In rose printed wall paper

You see the tear upon my cheek

You place your hand upon my shoulder

You sit upon my bed

I have my say

I call you bear