Thursday July 28, 2011A River of Stones/ Poets Aside / Theme Thursday

A River of Stones
Sunset over Taos

A River of Stones: One daily observation.

A perfect ending for a perfect day.  If only we are aware to realize.  We live in a world with such abundance of natural gifts, it is no wonder we might fall to our knees in gratitude.



Poets Asides prompt #142 write an opposites poem

Opposites Poem

I hold my breath

I take a breath

All is forgotten

I think of you

The sun rises at night

The sun sets in the morning

I think of you

All is forgotten

Hot in the winter

Cold in summer

I have forgotten you

I remember

Born in old age

Die in youth

All is forgotten

I think of you



Theme Thursday Prompt Letter

Letter of Blue

The letter in the morning’s post

Handmade paper blue

Stayed up late

Tore each piece

Into the shape

And the size of a tear

Your words were lies

I was surprised

I returned them to you

In the morning’s post

Lettter of Blue