Wednesday July 27, 2011 A River of Stones / Wordgathering dVerse / We Write Poetry

A River of Stones
Blue Grid

A River of Stones:  One daily observation.

Parallel lines traced upon the paper are the beginning of a grid.


Today Jae Rose wrote a beautiful poem, Scratch Card.  And she used the words anchor, bell and cherry.  I love those words, and decided to write using those words, too.

Deadman’s Float

The anchor takes me back

Years back

All the years growing up beside the sea

The end of it all

The closing of the door

We never said good bye

The anchor broke

And you left without warning.


The bell rang

The first day of school

The first day of the rest of my life

And now the bell rings


On the hour

At the church

In the town

Floats up to the mesa


Cherry red and sweet

Spilling over my fingers

Which I run through my hair

Before I reach for you

I lick the sweetness from your face

As the bell signals the broken anchor

Cherry sweet goodbyes

Dead-man’s float upon the waves



Wordgathering prompt: Epiphany


The light came on

And for the first time

Saw what was before me

Stood in this spot before

Looked but did not see

Saw something different




We Write Poems

Prompt #64 Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines

We draw parallel lines

Of our own

Lines which should not be crossed

We carefully stay within the lines

Ask others to respect

Side by side

We walk

Calling to  each other

Expressing ourselves

With the intent

Of knowing

And being known

While remaining

Within the prison

Of our own making



dVerse prompt: empty


You tap on the wall

The sound comes back to you

You determine it is empty

All the while I hide inside

Hoping you will find me