Mag pie



Magpie prompt #75

Children’s Lanterns

Summer night

Front porch swing

Children’s delight

Laughter heard in the dark

Catch fire flies in mason jars

Childhood lanterns light the night


Stars twinkle and shine

Fingers crossed

Wishes made

Bright stars make

No guarantees

Invite new wishes

Each and every night


Stars are lanterns in the sky

Beacon moths

As they balance and spin

Careful not to alight

Their gossamer wings


River of Stones

River of Stones:  One daily observation

Clouds are pregnant with promise


Clouds are pregnant with promise.  The mesa waits with fingers crossed!


13 thoughts on “Tuesday July 25, 2011 Mag #75

  1. I loved the poem you wrote for Magpie Tales. Fireflies always make me happy. I used to sit on my childhood front porch and watch them in summer. Now I often see them here too when I take the dogs outside at night The sight of them always triggers childhood happiness..

  2. Oh you took me back to childhood and the delight of the night sky…where I live now has a beautiful night sky two..far way from any large city …..very nice..bkm

  3. Love fireflies! I think they came out earlier this year than in the past…but oh, the memories, the fragility, the wonder…
    Thank you.

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