River of Stones

River of Stones:  A stone is one daily observation.

Beginning of the Day

This day began gloriously.   (I am in my courtyard, looking back over my house, which has chickens on the roof, for Mabel Dodge.)

Clouds were building up

In the afternoon, as I worked in the studio, I was aware that clouds were building up.

The afternoon was clear

The afternoon was clear.

End of Day

The day ended and the sky reminded me of a lovely Indian blanket.


Wordle #14


Mushroom Cloud Over Taos Mountain

Under Blue Skies

Eyes cast across landscape

As if in the blink of an eye

Image rendered in sand, sage

And endless blue sky

One can only marvel

Clouds form fantastic shapes

Summer day holds its’ breath

Suddenly twisting dirt devils

In desert sand

Gilding the landscape

Brightly reflected

Scan the desert floor

For the devils’ red pencil

Indian paint brush blooms

In searing red

Like earth’s pure blood

Scattered among the dusty sage

Late afternoon showers

Or  “walking rain”

Form curtain above

Deep blue mountains

Nothing reprehenisible



dVerse prompt: My Shoes

My Shoes

I wouldn’t get far

Without shoes

They protect me

From the rocks and stickers

Strewn about

The desert floor

The souls of my feet are soft

And need protection

From Rocks and stickers

From snow

And sometimes from the

Pain of loving you


Sunday Scribblings  prompt #277 Distant

You are my Destination

Are we there yet

Coming from the back

Seat of the car

How far is it

How to measure the distance

From here to there

How long will it take

When I  think of you

Questions form

Like clouds in the

New Mexico sky

13 thoughts on “Sunday July 24, 2022 River of Stones / Sunday Whirl/ dVerse/ Sunday Scribblings

  1. Beautiful pics of what must have been a quite lovely day!
    My shoes– sometimes we really do need protection
    Love the reflections on distance!

  2. I loved your shoe poem, Annell. I can definitely see why one would need shoes to walk in the desert. I would hate to step on a cactus. And oh, the hot sand. The ending was intense. Yes, shoes needed for that reason too!

  3. Gorgeous photos (I think it would be tough to take an un-gorgeous photo, where you are)! I like your shoe poem very much. Sometimes our soles/souls do need protecting…
    It is tough to measure distances, isn’t it? That last stanza is lovely and intense. Thank you.

  4. I have to call a foul. It’s not fare for the rest of us to have to write poetry without being able to pull from the beauty where you live. What is it like to live in a prompt as large as the eye can see?

  5. Wonderful pictures!

    I really liked what you did with the wordle words! (I found them difficult this week!) I loved the imagery. . .

    “Summer day holds its’ breath”


    “Indian paint brush blooms

    In searing red

    Like earth’s pure blood

    Scattered among the dusty sage”

    Lovely writing Annell. 🙂

  6. you write exactly where you are from, as though the landscape doesn’t exist outside of you, but rather paints you from within.


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