Friday July 22, 2011 River of Stones/ Poets United / Theme Thursday

River of Stones
Taos Mountain

One daily observation.

Taos Mountain reigns over the valley.  She is the Mother Mountain.  In the shadow of the mountain, we are reminded all will be OK.

Poets United prompt Night time

Night Time Over Taos Mountain

Night descends over Taos Mountain

End of day

Eternal cycle

Man and animal lay down to rest

Church bells toll

Time of prayer

Work is done

Fear and worry

Tucked under the pillow

Tomorrow will come

The sun will rise

Over the mountain

As it has for all times

Sun Rise Over Taos Mountain

Theme Thursday prompt Country

New Mexico

Country found between

Texas and Arizona

Land of enchantment

It is a place to be

The perfect place

Within the heart

The heart that is your own

Sun Rise North East of Taos Mountain

*Note: Thank you Neil Reid for the words of the “heart.” Inspired by his poem “Being.”