Wednesday July 20, 2011 dVerse/ A River of Stones/ Poets Asides

Angels Wait

Angels Wait

Sun shines

Guitar music floats through

Open door

An old man is dying

The family is waiting

Fans whir

To blow away summer’s heat

Clouds like cotton in the South

Picked and stacked


Scan the sky

Hope for rain

Notes played on guitar

Fall upon the floor

In scattered patterns


Angels float overhead

In the morning

The old man will be dead

Until then they hold their breath


Edward Munch


A River of Stones
Russian Sage

A River of Stones/ One daily observation = one stone.

Russian sage in high mountain desert.  Loves hot summer sun.  Bees love to buzz the blossoms.


Poets Asides prompt #141 Empty


Desert Landscape


Desert Landscape

Landscape not empty

But austere

Like love


Not lush

But lean in

Its’ beauty


Like a line drawn on the floor

Start to finish

Nothing more

Nothing wasted

A singe purpose

A desert bare