River of Stones
Moon and Star

In the dark night time sky, only one star observed.


Sunday Whirl

Emerald Green Eyes

Look out upon devine illusion

An ominous sight

Which becomes rhythm

Beyond the bones of time

Celestial beings rocket

Across the star studded sky

Jostle for position

From which to shine

The balcony

An observation deck

Open the flap

A pantomime in the void

A black hole

Without the visions seen by

The emerald green eyes

Image from Magpie Tales #74

Magpie Tales #74


I have no idea

What I look at

What I see

Is it your dark heart revealed

Is it a mask with many eyes to see

Or the face of your dark soul

Fear fills my pail

It frightens me

I will not follow

The path through

The dark and lonely wood

I take the long way home

21 thoughts on “Monday July 18, 2011 River of Stones/Sunday Whirl / Magpie Tales

  1. I like the way your wordle poem begins and ends with ’emerald green eyes.’ As for the magpie, I’d take the long way home too. The image is eerie.

  2. Both excellent…love the line ‘I take the long way home’! Oh, I just read your other comment from Mary…we both agree on the line!

  3. Laurie’s right. After reading her comment I went back and reread and the poems connect in several places. Love the line ‘beyond the bones of time’.

  4. or is it the face of your dark soul? Nice capture for the magpie. And i love “rhythm/beyond the bones of time” in the first. The poems complement each other beautifully.

  5. Annell, your Wordle was beautiful and filled with imagery that really satisfied as I read it aloud.

    The second, Magpie… have to tell you, that picture freaked me out a little bit – so many ways to identify it, so dense, and in some ways like a mask that seems like no fun at all! Your taking the long way home, the bits of uncertainty within, really worked.

    Great work, as always! Amy

  6. Annell, I love the wordle piece, it made me imagine the magpie mask’s eyes green. You reinvented mythology with this one, giving meaning to stars.

  7. Love your write on dying….I have learned alot about the body letting go and allowing the spirit to move on this past week…you write is timely and so poignant…bkm

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