Sunday July 19, 2011 Dversepoets/Sunday Scribblings / River of Stones

Dverse PoetsGot no rhyme today

No verse at all

But look forward to the 19th

The number of my own day

It is a sign

A signal I should stay

What a mess its’ true

But your’ve got it

Just the way you like

The 19th just two days away

Sunday Scribblings  prompt captive

Image of Magic

You have cast your glamour

Over me

Thrown the sparkling net

Each time you smile at me

You captivate me

Under your breath

You murmur your magic chant

Play your song

I slither to you

You use your special charm

To enchant

Is it magic black as night

Or magic pure and white

River of Stones

Taos Sunset Illuminating the Smoke from the Mountain Fires

Unexpected beauty in destruction.