People of Chilmark Thomas Hart Benton

Magpie Tales

End of Day

The clock stuck the hour

People jostling for position

Finding places in the boats

Flexing their muscles

Pushing and shoving

The game begins

Setting the sails

The journey into darkness was near

Land of dreams and nightmares

The pale rider waits in the dark

He smiles

Perhaps in numbers

They can defeat him

But he always wins

The rules were drawn

In the long ago

In the morning you will

No longer be counted

The score will be posted

Your Mother will grive

It’s just the way

The game has always been played

For the people of Chilmark

24 thoughts on “Monday July 11, 2011 Magpie Tales

  1. apt too as Chilmark as you most likely know is on Martha’s Vineyard and many a sailor has set to sea from there. Many have died at sea, I am sure. that struggle that is life.

  2. Also, as Chilmark is known for its long-ago high proportion of deaf citizens, interesting that the ringing of the bell causes the rush. But however it ends up, you’re right… so many sailors lost…

    Thanks, Annell. Masterfully done. Amy

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