July 7, 2011 Theme Thursday/ Poets Asides


Theme Thursday  prompt Round

Van Gogh wrote, “Life is probably round.”


All is round

In cycles




Day into night



And the planets, too

From my center

I survey the spot

I occupy

Look all around

All is radial

All is round

I look into your round eyes

See your roundness

See mine

A River of Stones

I see the roundness of my being.

Fly Catchers Building Nests


Fly Catchers

It is the third year

We have returned

Found the little platform

Built by the man

We built our nest — round

The first day I got back

I was outside the woman’s studio

At the top of my voice

I chirped, “I’m back!

I’m home!”

This year has been

A regular soap opera

I lost my wife

Then found another

She left

Mated with another fellow

Then found a wife

That would stay

We had five eggs

That were round

Raised four round chicks

Days of intensive study

Prepared them for life

We will return again next year

As they say in Texas

“God willing and

The creek don’t rise.”