Van Gogh Wheat-Rising-Sun


Magpie tales #72


Yellow my favorite color

Van Gogh favorite artist

To have been born with his eyes

His ability to catch the moment

In an assemblage of colors

Yellow, orange, red, green, blue

Considered the world’s

Greatest colorist

Each day difficult

To desire to the point of drool

Turning himself wrong side out

It is this desire he made visable

And gives to us as a gift

He enables us to see

Years after his death

Still fresh though often copied

A master

17 thoughts on “Monday July 4, 2011 Magpie Tales

  1. Hi Annell..for some reason I couldn’t email..not quite as beautiful and a little more surreal than Van Gogh..but I thought of you this morning when I went into the church..this little rural place in the UK surrounded by fields and the church organist was playing the Star Spangled Banner on the pipe organ as the old dears put out the flowers (and grimaced)..I think he thought he was at a baseball game. It made me smile..I think you may have too.. Jae

  2. Great magpie about a great artist. The first time I saw an original of his was in The Louvre in Paris, and I remember being completely taken aback by it.

  3. Direct and true words assembled for maximum impact, and some insight into Van Gogh as well. This falls perfectly on the ear as it rambles down the page—enjoyed it much.

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