Sunday Whirl  July 3, 2011  Wordle #11

An Intruder

The evening light was fading

After a quiet day

Work in the studio

Watch the Tour De France

Read a couple of short stories

Dinner French Onion Soup

Cleared the dishes

Flecks of yellow caught my eye

A guest in the garden

Distinctive but could identify

Turned in early

Flossed and locked up

The valley full of smoke

The hurtles ahead seemed manageable

Reaching for the flashlight

Stumbled on sleepy limbs

There you stand

You are not a guest

Uninvited… it isn’t right

Tossed what you could into a bag

Ran out the back door

Called the police

Waited for the siren

Looked into the darkness of the night

No evidence of your presence

Billfold and purse missing

Just an open back door

Leading into the blackness of the night

An intruder in the house

Distinctive but could not identify

17 thoughts on “Sunday July 3, 2011 Sunday Whirl Wordle

  1. Annell, This is frightening. You paint a scene with familiar bed time ritual and thought, then …violation. Shock, and relief when the intruder leaves. Well written.

  2. I agree. A truly scary experience. Very well done, though–I love the foreshadowing in the garden. Still, that violation…

  3. Annell, this is scary. I hate people who do that sort of thing. I feel very secure with my dogs here. I never felt safe in the states. We lived in a nice neighborhood, too.


  4. Came home one night to find the doors all wide open, things missing, and have never really lost that sense of vulnerability. It has faded a great deal over the years, but it isn’t difficult to call it up. You rang bells with this one. Glad to know you are okay, and able to write about it. I have found that helps more than anything else. Positive thoughts coming your way.


    1. Yes, it is not the first time, but the first time there was a person actually in the house, when we were in the house… you wonder, after all that is a killing offense where I come from. And were they prepared to kill us? It is scary. Sorry to bring up bad memories. But maybe a reminder to be careful! Thanks for your support. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  5. Annell you are a clever girl to turn a motley collection of words into such a good poem. You grabbed the attention from the off and sustained it through a shocking story.

  6. I am always amazed at how the wordle words fall into place…whether in a fictional story, or an account of my life–right where I’m at! They seem to have done the same for you this go-round. Well-incorporated words. And the style with which you wrote this piece–rather matter-of-fact reporting–allowed the reader to develop his/her own emotions while not revealing the feelings you’re having as a result of the event…hope you’re doing ok. ~Paula

  7. Oh, how scary, Annell. From the depth of emotion(I felt chills as I read it) and also from the comments, I gather this really happened to you. How scary to be face to face with an intruder. Glad you are okay. Hope they find him.

  8. I’ve had my house broken into twice (I wasn’t home either time, thank God). I also had the tires stolen off my car while I was asleep in the house not 50 feet away. This poem brought back those memories – life as usual, interrupted by feelings of violation. My sympathies that you had to go through that too, Annell.

  9. I have been a victim, more than several times … once during the night while we were sleeping. The feelings of violation then, and today, are overwhelming. This is an intense write, a good write.

  10. I understand that need to become an objective observer. And you are safe now, so you can walk around the event and look at it. Question: is the “distinctive but” could/could not “identify” a personal shorthand, birdwatching or something similar? It works really well here.

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