Sunday July 3, 2011 Sunday Whirl Wordle

Sunday Whirl  July 3, 2011  Wordle #11

An Intruder

The evening light was fading

After a quiet day

Work in the studio

Watch the Tour De France

Read a couple of short stories

Dinner French Onion Soup

Cleared the dishes

Flecks of yellow caught my eye

A guest in the garden

Distinctive but could identify

Turned in early

Flossed and locked up

The valley full of smoke

The hurtles ahead seemed manageable

Reaching for the flashlight

Stumbled on sleepy limbs

There you stand

You are not a guest

Uninvited… it isn’t right

Tossed what you could into a bag

Ran out the back door

Called the police

Waited for the siren

Looked into the darkness of the night

No evidence of your presence

Billfold and purse missing

Just an open back door

Leading into the blackness of the night

An intruder in the house

Distinctive but could not identify