Fire at Los Alamos

Fire at Los Alamos

Today the weather is hot

Flies rest in the shade

Pant for breath

Tongue hangs

From his mouth

Little drop

Splashes on the sidewalk

The mountains lie in smoke

The sun shines

July brings fire-works to New Mexico

8 thoughts on “Saturday July 2, 2011

  1. That is such a frightening situation; I hope they have it under control by now, and that no “little drops” land on the sidewalk…

    1. Thanks so much for your concern. We are down the canyon. It is not that I think the fire will come to Taos. It’s the smoke, and of course the loss of the forest in the desert, it is so slow to return, and the animals. It is a disaster. The smoke is gotten old, it fills the valley. each day. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  2. What an awful situation for humans and all of nature. It must be awful to live so close as to be able to see the smoke in the sky and know the destruction and how long it will be before life and beauty returns.

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