Sun Rise in Shroud of Smoke


Taos Mountain in Shroud of Smoke

The Mother Mountain

Sacred to Taos Valley

Wrapped in shroud

Smoke weaves

In warm colors of sun rise

Weeps for her children

It’s a disaster for sure

Whisper into the wind

Put it out

Put it out now


Pecha Kucha Night Taos #3

Last night was Pecha Kucha Night Taos #3.  We were greeted with a video from Tokyo, to welcome Taos.  The audio was bad, so I have no idea what was said, except that Pecha Kucha is in 418 cities around the world.  But it was a wonderful turnout.  And the program was varied with so much talent.  If you can find a Pecha Kucha near you, be sure to check it out.

I tried to work on what I wanted to say all day.  Of course it is so different from what I usually do, alone in the studio.  The lights were down, and of course I forgot everything I wanted to say.  I have no idea what I actually said, and hope no one else remembers either?  I did have lots of support.  And it was good to be able to share my work.  Wish you could have been there.

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