Wednesday June 29, 2011


Wildfire in the Desert

Smoke rises and curls

And with a boney finger

Touches outer space

Weaving fine strands of gray

Into a blanket soft and warm

Cover the valley

Chokes the breath

From young and old

Landscape hidden in thick cloud

Hangs in the air

Whispers secrets that are burning

Not so very far away

Woodland critters

Cannot get away

Trees can’t run

They see it coming

Still they stand

As if the fire won’t burn

Their branches

And all that rest there

Hot breath of the demon

Known as fire

Red and yellow

Hot as hell

Do the devil’s work

Burn the desert

Ring the bells

Scar the landscape

Smoke tumbles into the valley

Pray for rain

To quench the fire

Map of location of Fire
Smoke from Wildfire