Magpie Tale #71

Holding Pattern

Boats sail on lemon drop skies

Seem to be in holding pattern

Follow the flow

Sails billow

Sailors dream of far away ports

Adventure at farside of the world


Drums roll


Old mariner tells the tale

Of long ago

Sight the star patterns

Mark the charts

Sail for the dark continent

Fill the hole

With live cargo

Black as ebony


Bring a good price on the block


Time of shame

Never look back

Chains drag scrape the deck

Songs sung low to heal cracked

Broken hearts never to return

To land of birth

Masters are cruel

Take away freedom’s breath

Captives blood is ink

Dip the pen

Tell the tale


Drums roll

8 thoughts on “Tuesday June 28, 2011 Magpie Tales

  1. there is almost a rhythmic beat to these lines
    like the beat of oars in the water
    so sad..not just our shame but humanity’s shame
    nicely done

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