Monday June 27, 2011 Wildfires in New Mexico



Wild Fires in New Mexico

This morning

I thought the sky

Looked like rain

So thick it was

But now it’s light

The valley is full of smoke

Two fires burn

Just over the mountain

This summer is so dry and hot

New Mexico burnes

Just a little at a time

Fire crews from Montana

Were on the scene at once

The forests are a tender box

No one knows where

The smoke will rise again

It’s not an ordinary place

Once burned new growth is slow to return

In northern New Mexico

It’s high montain desert

The scars will last a life time

6 thoughts on “Monday June 27, 2011 Wildfires in New Mexico

  1. Last night as I was laying in bed, thoughts of northern N.M. were in my head. Playing with the idea of an August visit. I’m saddened to see it burning. when I enlarged the photo it was amazing to see how the smoke cloud filled the sky. I hope it rains soon.

  2. Oh, it is so sad to read about the horrible wildfires this year and also the horrible flooding in other places. So many people’s lives are being changed forevery. How to rebuild after all is destroyed. It must be frightening to see the folames from your home, though they are far away.

  3. Northern New Mexico is so beautiful…have driven through it in the 90s…fire is always heartbreaking to an area..California has had its share…and am amazed at the dedication of these fire fighters when called on….bkm

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