Abstract Drawing

Sunday Whirl


In the silence of the studio

The artist inhales inspiration

Ideas flit from heart to head to hand

There in the penumbra

Shades are found

Shades between the perfect shadow

Shades so close in value they almost become a haze

Shapes created upon the surface

Shades of oxidized copper

Gracefully fill the plane

Sands of time slip through the shaded glass

Peppery graphite kisses add the needed spice

9 thoughts on “Sunday June 26, 2011 Sunday Whirl

  1. What a beautifuol poem about artistic creation, Annell. You have ‘nailed’ the worldle form, have painted a masterpiece of words.

  2. Wow! One would get the impression you are an artist. Whether you’ve ever touched a paintbrush or not, you are a poet. This is an amazing piece of work. Without “Sunday Whirl” in the title, I would never have guessed it was written from a wordle.

  3. Wow – this is wonderful. I feel I am right there in the studio with the artist and feel that sense of being lost in the creative process.
    “Penumbra” is such a great word, and I also loved “Peppery graphite kisses.”

  4. Fantastic poem, Annell! Such an apt description of a creative session; loved the use of “penumbra” (it will probably end up in this Sunday’s wordle), and the repetition of “shades.” You lose your sense of time in the poem, just as an artist or writer does when the creative juices are flowing. Great first entry into the wordle ranks! 🙂

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