The future

Writer’s Island prompt Vision of the Future

Vision of the Future

The vision of the future

Is blurred

No hard edges

And it is not a place

About which one can feel secure

Dire predictions

Are made daily

On the news

But who is to say for sure

Follow the thread

Rack and ruin

I never hear anyone

Say anything positive

Nothing to hang your hat on

For all practical purposes

Life on this planet is over

Dead and gone

Make do with less

Nothing to hope for

No dreams to dream

And yet life seems to go on

One day at a time

After all we are yesterday’s

Vision of the future


Sunday Scribbling Prompt #273  Give


The GiftThe Gift

Too often we think of “give”

As “give” to me

“Give” me your hand

“Give me your promise

“give” me your heart

How close “me ” follows “give”


Maybe better

We allow “me” to lead the way

Change the question

What can I give

Let me “give” to “you”

8 thoughts on “Saturday June 25, 2011 Writer’s Island/ Sunday Scribbling

  1. Hi Annell..maybe it never pays to ‘hang your hat’ on the future..we might not have heads by then.. swapping the order of words really changes your idea of reading things in the opposite direction..I love your have made it look so professional so quickly..’words of a painter’ is a great tag..can hang a big hat on that 😉 Jae

  2. So true. “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” (old poster slogan, no idea whence it came) Must we be entirely pessimistic or is there the possibility of hope?

  3. Love your take on ‘give’, and yes it’s so often focused not on giving but receiving. Let us all get over our “gimmes”.

  4. Annell, The final two lines of your vision poem are comforting. I was just reading a scare story about the state of our oceans, so I needed that comfort. As for giving – I learned that lesson many years ago!

  5. Sometimes changing the order of the words can be problematic too. “Let me give” can quickly lead to exhausting one’s self in giving to others and neglecting one’s own needs. Likewise, I think one can give and give and give as a means of not concentrating on what the real problem or job is.

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