Tuesday June 21, 2011 No Rain/ Magpie #70

Magpie #Magpie #70


Face-scape of a different

Time and place

Name unknown

Still a member of the human race

Family ties a mystery

Profession can only be guessed

Parlor maid, teacher or cook

Author of a book

Writing poems all day long

Singing songs in memory of

Loved ones dead and long gone

A member of the aristocracy

With pinky in the air

Fine porcelain china cup

A lady oh so fair

Sewing tiny stitches

Revealing letters in a sampler

Or did you go to steno school

Taking notation in short hand

Or were you a telephone operator

“Good Morning, Trans-Texas Airlines,

Mr. Byman Wilson’s office.”

Or Mother of children

Learning numbers in school

Count to ten

And then…

You were a Grandmother

Saying nursery rhymes

Little red hen, the sky is falling, rin, tin, tin

Your life is almost over

You don’t

Remember when

The world all changed

Your life was once so busy

And now you are sleeping in

Doesn’t seem to matter if it

Rains or shines

The only things you look forward to

Is the end of the each day

And now you are gone as well

The only thing remaining

Is a black and white photograph

Stacked in a jumble sale

Price 1.99

The value of a life

No one remembers

Who you were

Or how your life began

Or how that life was lived

Or what happened in the end

Still I look upon the image of your face

And know you would do it all again