Sunday June 19, 2022 Poetry Worshop/ Sundaywhirl
Super Nova carves a slit

In middle time sparks fly

Sky explodes lighting the canyon

Hiding places sprinkled with star dust

Gossamer threads wrap sacred serpents

Melody escapes from dried bones

As wind blows lightly echo sounds of flutes

In tangled temples

Mysteries abound

Stories told by the fireside

Etched in memory


Yesterday I went to Santa Fe to a poetry workshop called the Creative Path of Self Knowledge, conducted in conjunction with the Mining the Unconscious art show.  It was conducted by Jane Lipman and Joan Logghe, poet laureate of Santa Fe.  One of the things we did was to write in response to a painting of our choice.  We were to stand in front of the painting, and silently say, “I allow you to see me, empty, transparent… allow yourself to be seen.  I chose a painting by Marcia Oliver (the painting is simular to the picture, but not the same.)  This is my writing.

Floating by Marcia Oliver

It is the morning hour

Bells ring

The sound of drumbeats

Float across the mesa

Like the sound of the

Human heart

Sounds of the crier tear me under

Sun begins it’s assent above the mountain

Purple calls unto green

From the depths

Butterflies rise

Chaos abounds

Lights flash

Echoes resound against canyon walls

Quiet room thrown open

Pure self emerges

Words spoken over words

Dissolve into shadows cast

From morning bright moon

Birds sing welcome to new day

Finding connection to lavendar twilight

Nighttime order descends

The day falls into place

Forty-two black birds

Fly over mesa

Seek their evening rookery