Doorway in Chaco CanyonWriter’s Island #25 Threshold


It is a promise

Shining bright

Beckoning to you

Encouraging just one step

You’ve had an idea

Now you must step through

The threshold

To make your idea something real

And that real thing

Is the goal

You stand in the middle of time

Stand too long

You will stand in the past

That step through the threshold

Is always for the first time

And always something new

The only promise

Is that it will be something different

A place your have never been

Something you have never seen

6 thoughts on “Writers Island prompt #25 Threshold

  1. Annell, love your response to the prompt. I am delighted to see you here at wordpress, yay! I find it a much friendlier platform to use. It does have more features, but everything takes time.


  2. This is inspiring. I love the line, “Stand too long, and you’ll stand in the past”. Very interesting sentiment. Nice job.

  3. I too like that line about standing too long you stand in the past. Been there, done that. Too real. Really good capture of the idea of threshold.


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