Sky soft pink

Above a pale blue

Waves of greyed sage brush

Cover the mesa

Adobe structures can be seen

But often one must look again

As they are so perfectly

Suited to the landscape

Made from the earth

Of clay, water and straw

They disappear into the landscape

Adobe has a long history

Eight thousand years

In the desert

Warm in winter

Cool in summer

Little mud house

Made from the earth

Offers shelter

From rain and sun

10 thoughts on “Theme Thursday prompt: brick

  1. I love the pared down look of your new blog and your words are appropriate for the times in which we live. Wherever possible we should use food and materials which are sourced as close to home as possible.

  2. The Native Americans definitely made good use of the materials in their environment. I could picture the setting of your poem very well here!

  3. I was raised in the desert southwest and have a particular fondness for adobe homes. I almost did a post on adobe for this TT, but you did it better than I would have!! Wonderful, meaningful verse.

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